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Single Origami Crane Made From 2,000,000 Japanese Relief Origami Cranes



By HVculture
August 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

Shortly after the Japan earthquake, the nonprofit Bezos Family Foundation invited children from around the world to mail origami cranes to its Seattle headquarters, promising to donate $2 per crane to the relief efforts, up to to $200,000.

The cranes came in by the truckload and soon, the foundation had some 2,000,000 paper cranes on their hands. They ended up donating a cool $500,000 to relief efforts.

Now, Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has been tasked with taking the cranes and making something incredible with them. Muniz has opted to make a meta work of art, by using the cranes to make one giant paper crane. It’s incredible to behold.

(via NYTMagazine)



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