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Single Origami Crane Made From 2,000,000 Japanese Relief Origami Cranes

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By HVculture on August 24, 2011

Shortly after the Japan earthquake, the nonprofit Bezos Family Foundation invited children from around the world to mail origami cranes to its Seattle headquarters, promising to donate $2 per crane to the relief efforts, up to to $200,000.

The cranes came in by the truckload and soon, the foundation had some 2,000,000 paper cranes on their hands. They ended up donating a cool $500,000 to relief efforts.

Now, Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has been tasked with taking the cranes and making something incredible with them. Muniz has opted to make a meta work of art, by using the cranes to make one giant paper crane. It’s incredible to behold.

(via NYTMagazine)

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