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Oops: Why Your “VEGAN” Inner Lip Tattoo is Probably Not So Vegan

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By HVculture on May 9, 2011

In this anonymous Facebook exchange, a young woman proudly shows off her new “VEGAN” inner-lip tattoo to her friends.

And they are all so excited for her!

Until one of them is kind enough to point out that black tattoo ink isn’t necessarily vegan, unless she went to a vegan-friendly tat parlor or specifically asked for vegan-friendly ink.

To which the girl responds: “…. goddamn it.”

That’s pretty much the universal expression for the moment you realize you just got a permanent tattoo containing animal products on your inner lip proclaiming you’re a VEGAN.

Tattoo ink manufacturers aren’t required to reveal the ingredients of their inks and the reality is that many tattoo artists don’t know the ingredients. Traditionally, black tattoo ink was made from either “burnt bones or from the resin of shellac bugs,” claims Jason Wynn, an employee of Scapegoat Tattoo, an all-vegan tattoo parlor in Portland, Oregon.

On top of that, many other tattoo inks use glycerin, itself derived from animal products, as a carrier for the various pigments.

So, really, the moral here is if you’re a vegan and want to get a tattoo, just make sure you ask about what’s in the ink or what your options are (don’t forget about various cleaning products, gloves and other accouterments) before you pull an all-time boner of a move like this anonymous female.

(via boing boing)

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