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Nothing Welcomes You Back to America Like a Bacon Sundae

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By Sarah English on April 27, 2011

I landed back on American soil yesterday after seven months abroad. Getting in my car this morning for the first time, I turned on the radio to hear an ad for Denny’s new bacon sundae.

Yes, bacon and ice cream. Together. In a sundae.

Denny’s brags that “bacon makes a classic ice cream sundae even more awesome.” The sundae is made of two layers of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, with two “generous sprinkles” of hickory-smoked bacon atop each layer. The new creation was invented for Denny’s “Baconalia” festival, an event spanning several months that is devoted to the “celebration of bacon.”

Putting meat where it doesn’t belong seems to be American fast food chains’ new favorite pastime. It started two summers ago with KFC’s breadless, deep-fried, all-meat Double Down sandwich. Following in suit was Hardee’s foot-long burger, and this meat-craze doesn’t appear to be going away.

Frankly, I’m sick of it — meaning both fed up with these pathetic publicity stunts, as well as generally nauseous from thinking about it for this long.

Only in America, folks. God I missed this country.

Sarah English just returned from a stint in rural northern France. When not teaching English to France’s uninspired youth, she travels and writes about what she sees, who she meets along the way, and anything else that sparks her interest. Read her entire HV archive here.

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