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How Did You Hear About bin Laden’s Death? Probably Not TV.

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It was around 11:03 pm on May 1st. As I was just about to crawl into bed, I got three texts at the same time saying “Osama bin Laden dead, President speech happening soon.”

Immediately I checked Twitter, while the TV was being switched to the “news,” and sure enough, President Barack Obama was about to release a statement about the death of bin Laden.

After hearing more and more stories of how individuals found out about the event, I decided to do a quick poll via Twitter and Facebook, just to see how people in my network find out about news today. After an unscientific survey of 102 individuals (67% male, 33% female) ages 20-42, the majority of them found out via 1) Facebook 2) Twitter 3) SMS (1 person even found out via LinkedIn).

This just shows how much of a socially mobile generation we truly are. I remember watching and learning about the 9/11 attacks on TV, and then being glued to the TVs in my then-high school library.

Ten years later, TV isn’t even people’s third choice.

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