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Boss Pranks HR…Like a Boss

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So this “cover letter” has been making the rounds. You may have seen it here.

Pretty awesome, right? But, with only a little sleuthing, your cool-as-heck cover letter writer is nothing more than a boss pranking his HR department “as a goof.”

The CEO of the New York City start-up company Aviary was watching a little too much Chelsea Lately when he decided to prank human resources with a fake application for community manager, according to Funnyman24 who posted the fake resume on reddit.com on Aug. 27, 2010.

So not only is it a joke, but it’s an old joke.

The résumé, which lists “organizing shit” and “I am good for office morale: When someone cries I am all sympathetic and shit” as skills, has been re-posted all over the Internet. According to response comment posted by Funnyman24, the CEO admitted to the prank when a woman in the company said she would call the police if the man showed up and basically had a cow.

One of the comments on reddit.com accused the post of being a “crypto-ad” for aviary.com.

We don’t care if it is, it’s hilarious.

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