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Big Primpin’ — On the Cheap!

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By Nicole Lapin on November 16, 2011

Big primpin’, without spending cheese…

Get your Makeup done at the cosmetics counter

Remember that time we pretended to need new concealer but really just wanted to have our makeup done at the counter fo’ free? Yup, we did that. And so should you.

A great option for a special date or event, all you have to do is approach most makeup counters in department stores “looking” to buy something and they’ll offer a free touch-up. Show some interest in a new product — like shiny lip gloss — and they’re almost guaranteed to smack that on, too. Go fresh faced and you may even get a quickie skin consultation out of it. Then apologize profusely for having “forgotten your credit card at home” and hit the town!

One (okay maybe two?) words: DryBar

If you’re anything like us, rocking your own blowout is more about the arm workout (think – curl, repeat) then the end result. Sometimes you need to bring in a professional. We love DryBar because they get ‘er done quickly – and for cheap. 30 minutes and $40 will get you bouncy curls and huge volume, no matter your hair length. Grab some dry shampoo to quench your roots (or a little baby powder will do the trick) and make your ‘do last for the whole weekend. Added bonus: beverages. Make a morning appointment and they greet you with hot coffee in a cute mug while you’re coiffed; champagne at evening appointments starts the night off right.

Rent the Runway

Wait – you DON’T have a closet full of red-carpet-ready looks at your disposal? No problem. Rent the Runway will hook you up with hundreds of options no matter what the event is for as little as $25 per rental. They even send you an extra size — for free! — to make sure you’re getting the best fit. You keep the dress, shoes, accessories (whatever it is, they have it all) for 5 days (longer if you pay a little extra – hellooo vacation!) and then return them in the prepaid FedEx envelope that they send you inside the garment bag. Drop in the nearest FedEx blue box and you’re done…til next time. Easy peasy!

Nicole Lapin is the founder and CEO of Nothing But Gold Productions, a multi-media company that creates accessible financial content for TV, print and digital outlets. She is also the editor-in-chief of Recessionista.com, the only online destination that provides non-judgey female-focused money news. Sources say she was the youngest anchor ever on CNN and CNBC. Follow her on Twitter @nicolelapin.

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