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Best “Damn You Auto Corrects” of All-Time

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By HVculture on July 21, 2011

Of all the great time-wasting sites around these Internets, perhaps none brings more enjoyment than the unintentional hilarity found at DamnYouAutoCorrect.com. Typing on small keyboards with fat American fingers is a relatively new thing, especially for the over 50 set, so the freshness of it all cannot be denied.

To celebrate its 300th million page view (impressive!) since its launch last October, DYAC released its 15 most viewed DYACs of all-time. “All-time” being about nine months of course. Click here to see the full list of most-viewed nonsense, and check out our top four favorites below:

Watch out for that Auto Cucumber:

Coming out:

So when’s Date #2, man?

The only problem is that with everyone suddenly becoming a photo manipulator, who knows how long this site will stay “real,” if it hasn’t been grossly corrupted already. But we’ll go benefit of the doubt here.

If you’re going to waste your time anywhere, do so here. But if you’ve run out of things to read on HyperVocal, we strongly urge you to spend six or seven of your next available hours over there.

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