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Art, Marketing, Giving, Vinyl, Writing…and Coffee

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By Ty Clark on November 3, 2011

I have been a little sidetracked lately. I am currently working on two incredible interviews for HV and I can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, this is what I have been up to, other than drinking a lot of coffee (not in any particular order, with a little visual aid).

Marketing and Giving: I am now the Director of MOB Instigation (Director of Marketing and Giving) for Kammok™ International, so I have been quite active in building and implementing our online/offline marketing, social marketing, art direction and giving strategies (that are out of this world amazing). Check ’em out at http://www.kammok.com.

Painting: I have embarked on a new body of work for a two-man art show in Austin, TX coming Jan 2012. The show is a “black and white” themed show that will be with my fellow 5D Artists Group and Veritas Artist Collective member Bob Johnson.

Writing: I completed a second fictional novel 1.5 years ago and began work on a third last summer, and a fourth (on how to build a following) last week. All are unpublished, so if anyone knows an editor or script writer looking for a story let me know, they are in the genre of a High Fidelity meets Royal Tenenbaums meets The Squid and the Whale meets Basquiat (which sums me up pretty well).

Networking, Connecting, Consulting, Brainstorming and Raising awareness: for CTC International (my good friend Zane Wilemon’s org), Water Thirst (whom I now sit on the board for), and Hello Somebody (close friends who just launched a new campaign with help from Esther Havens).

Family: Spending time with my wife, niece, nephew and family here in Austin, where we finally have a house and I have an art studio. (Living on the road for the last 1.5 years has made this an absolute adjustment and great time.)

Listening to a lot of music and collecting Vinyl:  (This is normal for me, I am a music freak.) Here is a list of must haves right now along with what is regularly in my headphones at the moment. M83 — Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, David Ramirez– Live at the Cactus (album is free here), Apparat — The Devils Walk, Young the Giant– Self Titled, City and Colour — Little Hell, Miniature Soap — I Don’t Like You, and Electric President — The Violent Blue.

Reading: I don’t take as much time as I need to read, but I try to read every morning. These are the books that I am jumping around in right now: The Fever– Sonia Shah, Testament to Freedom– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ReWork– Jason Fried & David Hanson, EntreLeadership- Dave Ramsey, The Dragonfly Effect– Jennifer Aaker & Andy Smith

Coming up next in “Engaging Culture,” an interview with one of America’s most innovative Social Entrepreneurs and CEO’s followed by an interview with one of the brightest emerging film Directors in the US, whose first feature film stormed the scene at this years Austin Film Festival! Stay tuned!

Ty Clark is the CEO of Veritas Fashion. He likes to think that he is an Artist, Fashion Designer, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, Activist, non-media mogul and vagabond traveler.

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