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Author: Sara Mohazzebi

Spring It Forward This Mother’s Day

If you’re lucky enough, you were born and raised by a woman who makes the world more interesting, inspiring, and uplifting. This Mother’s Day, Sara Mohazzebi asks you to honor two incredible women who do just that.

International Women’s Day: The Girl Effect

It’s March 8th, and in case you weren’t aware, it’s International Women’s Day. And on this day, Sara Mohazzebi implores you to watch this brief, kick-ass video about 600 million girls who need us right now. You will be blown away by this, guaranteed.

Occupy Your Heart: 5 Great Ways To Give This Holiday Season

Feeling charitable this holiday season? As a journalist who covers social activists, Sara Mohazzebi features five unique and effective organizations that are in true need of support to continue to survive and thrive. Want to give back? Here’s where you start.

It’s a Smart World After All: Director Bryan Single

Sara Mohazzebi introduces you to 36-year-old “Children of War” director Bryan Single. Shot inside the war zone of Northern Uganda, Bryan filmed the captivating story of three former child soldiers as they undergo the process of trauma therapy.