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Author: One Minute News

Valentine’s Day: Out of Pocket, Into Pants

A new survey by the National Retail Federation shows that Americans will spend more than $17 billion on romantic gifts and love-fueled endeavors this year. OMN’s Charlie Berens on what we’re shelling out of our pockets to get into some pants.

Coming Soon: Creepy Lord of the Rings LEGOs

LEGO is releasing a masterpiece of a collection this June, and that masterpiece is none other than a line of tiny “Lord of the Rings” figurines. Gollum looks positively precious (and creeeepy). One Minute News’ Jennifer Martin plays around with this story.

Can Club Drug Ketamine Instantly Cure Depression?

Ketamine, the popular drug that either f*&ks you up at clubs or gently puts your horse to sleep, could very well be the next Prozac for severely depressed people. How is this possible? One Minute News’ Jennifer Martin fills us in on the trippy details.

Afraid of Going to the Dentist? This Story Won’t Help

Michael Clair decided to replace the stainless steel posts you use in root canals with a paper clip. He pled guilty to assault, larceny, Medicaid fraud, distributing prescription drugs and witness intimidation. No wonder Seinfeld was a rabid anti-Dentite.