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Author: Nicole Lapin

How to Cure Your Tax Hives

It’s that time again! You dread it, can’t stand it and are seriously coming down with tax fever. And no, in this case it can’t be cured with shopping. But thanks to our five tips, it CAN be easily managed.

Glam Up Your Vocab: Smarter Than ‘Smart’

It’s a simple equation: girl + geek = chic. “Smart” is always nice to hear — but what do you really mean by it? Here’s how to compliment our ability, craftiness, wisdom, clarity, directness, ingenuity and quickness on our feet.

7 Fun Ways to Get Your Green On

Get luck on your side with these tips on how to be “green” — in every sense of the word. Here are 7 great tips from media superstar Nicole Lapin on seeing green, drinking responsibly, ditching paper, saving money and sounding smart.

How the F*** Do You Sell Your S***?

There are actually many reasons that you might need to ditch some of your stuff: spring cleaning, moving to another city or perhaps moving in with your sig-o (do you honestly need two coffeemakers?). Strangely enough, it can be tougher to get rid of than you think. Read on: We help you lighten the load.

5 Reasons NOT to Invest in That 401(k)

It may seem like a deal too good to pass up. But contrary to what many financial experts will tell you, investing in a 401(k) isn’t for everyone. Media superstar Nicole Lapin tells us the five reasons you might not want to do it.

What to Get the Guy You Want More From

You’ve gone on more than one date, but you’re still not “Facebook official” yet. So what do you get the man you’d like to see more of? Media superstar and advice guru Nicole Lapin has six awesome ideas to help you find the right gift.