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Author: Melissa Lee

2012 In Halloween Costumes

Melissa Lee breaks down the year’s best costumes, from unimpressed Queen Elizabeth II to a Secret Service agent lookin’ for a Colombian escort.

‘The Avengers’ Deserves the A

Only a genuine nerd and visionary would know how to masterfully create a cohesive movie from the stories of six distinct superheroes with larger-than-life backstories and egos to match. Even Thor, god of thunder, would bow down to Joss Whedon.

Say You Like This Interactive Music Video Game

Fan of interactive music videos? If so, Melissa Lee found your next time-waster: “Say You Like Me” by We the Kings. The song is likeable enough, but it comes with a music video that allows the viewer to compete in six levels of challenges to save “the girl.”

Holiday Gift Guide for the One Who Never Leaves the House

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…you might as well keep everyone on your shopping list warm and cozy. The Snuggie is so last year. These gifts are sure to be hits with the laziest people in your life.