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Author: Jason Kirk

One of Life’s Greatest Gifts

Life can change in a flash. Jason Kirk learned that lesson 10 years ago this week. As he looks back at this tragic event, take a minute, take a deep breath, think about your life and the things you love and the things you want to change.

Meet the New Kings of Media & Entertainment

So is king: content or distribution? At a time when the game is changing — what you watch, where you watch and how you watch — Ustream VP Jason Kirk tells us that neither one of them is king. So who is? Oh, that’s the best part.

The Sh!t’s Chess, It Ain’t Checkers

Denzel Washington’s iconic line from Training Day applies perfectly to building a company. What does it mean, and what else matters? Jason Kirk, a veteran of HBO, Myspace and four start-ups, shares six important thoughts on how to make it.

Facebook Puts Exciting Media-Centric Foot Forward

Rather than ignore or allow them to go rogue, Facebook created a meaningful opportunity for a variety of media companies and content creators to get as much value from Facebook as they will hopefully give. Ustream VP Jason Kirk explains.

What (Really) Makes Content Premium?

Great, another story about what “premium content” is and will be. But as Ustream VP Jason Kirk tells us, the lessons we’re learning about what really makes content “premium” are nothing new — who taught us these lessons will surprise you.