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Author: Joshua Hooberman, Ph.D

Ten Bucks Says Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

So you’ve gone ahead and made some New Year’s resolutions. It’s Week #1, and you’ve been to the gym or you’ve been nicer to your mother. Our resident clinical psychologist and in-house buzzkill says don’t start celebrating just yet.

I Was New to New York When the World Exploded

“After a few hours, I reached home, sat down, drank a beer. And then the sitting began for two weeks, glued to the television. Slowly the details came, and with it a bout of depression, then a brief bout of patriotism. Both passed.”

The Continuum of Crazy: When Is The Line Crossed?

Is Jared Lee Loughner’s paranoia about currency and mind control that different than Tea Party birthers or 9/11 conspiracy theorists? Yes, but how do we characterize those who believe our president is going to enact “death panels” to Medicare practice?