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Author: Bureau of Trade

Super-Continental! Pangaea Knew How to Party

The recent discovery of gargantuan prehistoric fleas got us scratching our heads about our diminished interest in dinosaurs — and the innocence of our childhoods that waned with it. You bring the imagination, Bureau of Trade brings the Jurassic essentials.

Wataru-sanity! The Jeremy Lin of 1948

The media has written reams about the scrappy, high-scoring Knicks point guard in the last two weeks. We at the Bureau aren’t bandwagon types, so we were going to keep our mouths shut. That is, until we found a promising new angle on the story.

Let’s Get It Un: Kim Jong-un Grows Up

Switzerland isn’t just the go-to place for organized criminals (UBS) and former Nazis (Deutsche Bank) to quietly stash their cash. The currency-rich and scruples-poor country doesn’t just launder liquid assets — it also provides dictator day-care.