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Author: Brother's Keeper

“Obama Will Take Away Your Personal Freedoms”

A word from My Crazy Bro’s Lunatic Uncle: “How much worse do things have to get before you realize that all of the ‘good deeds’ that the Democrats say they want to do are a sham and all they really care about are excuses to increase their own power?”

Out of the Billowing Smoke Emerged Gingrich

My Crazy Right Wing Brother’s elated that Newt won South Carolina. His sudden Gingrichianism is as surprising, remarkable and depressing as the thought that the portly Georgian will wind up the nominee. Will the GOP really fall on its sword this way?

War Veterans and Occupy Wall Street

Right-wingers love the U.S. military. But what does our author’s crazy brother say about the two Marines severely injured by Oakland police at Occupy protests? By aligning “with anti-American losers, he deserves what he got if not worse,” he says.

“The Fact is, Liberals are Mostly Bad People”

Can a decorated vet be liberal? My Crazy Right Wing Bro says no: “It always perplexes me how a man who served his country and even won a bronze star for bravery embraces a way of thinking years later that opposes almost everything he won that star for.”