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Author: Alice Crisci

Struggle Like a Champ or Struggle Like a Little Bitch

Alice Crisci survived cancer. But she’s suffered two miscarriages and struggled with dating and finances and career and identity and purpose. She knows she can either struggle like a champ or struggle like a bitch. Here’s what this warrior chose.

Losing My Baby: Within 48 Hours, Our Lives Changed Twice

Alice Crisci found out she was pregnant…against all odds. But then reality struck: “Four hours later, the ER doc confirmed my worst fears: there was no more pregnancy. I sobbed harder than I sobbed when I was diagnosed with cancer.” But she chooses hope.

Should Cowardice Be a Dealbreaker in Dating?

Alice Crisci started dating a wonderful man. Except, due to commitment fear, checks out for 3-4 days at a time. No notice, no warning, unfriends her from Facebook, doesn’t return calls, texts or emails. Here’s why she won’t break up with him for that.

Survivor Sex: My First Time After a Double Mastectomy

“Time out. Umm, I don’t have any nipples.” He said, “Oh, okay. Are you going to get some?” I said, “Well, eventually, yes.” With a slight shrug of the shoulders, he did what any man would’ve done. He said “okay” and went in for more kisses.