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Author: Alex Gangitano

Top 7 Sexiest Commercials From Super Bowl 2012

Shameless, sexist, whatever: Which of this list do you think was the most successful? Which campaigns, if any, will you remember a year from now — and not just for the lithe, scantily clad bodies, but for the actual products?

Top 10 Political Laughs of 2011

In these times, not many things will make you laugh…on purpose. Alex Gangitano’s big “thank you” this year goes out to the political spoofers who actually tried to make us laugh and gave us a real reason to smile through these tough times.

Do You Believe This Christmas?

There is something about Christmas time that makes you want to believe in love, believe that everything will be okay, believe that people will come together, and believe that everyone deserves happiness this season. Alex Gangitano believes.

Was Obama Successful in Echoing Teddy Roosevelt?

Roosevelt and Obama touched on similar themes in their speeches in Osawatomie, Kansas, 100 years apart. Why is it necessary for our president today to say the same things that a president said a century ago? Why haven’t we learned?