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Go Beyond Advertising on The HyperVocal Network

The HyperVocal Network offers a range of sponsorship and partner opportunities to engage our coveted audience with your brand, campaign, movie opening, cause, etc. We will customize a package to your budget and goals, and most importantly, we aim to create long-term relationships with our partners. From standard advertising & site takeovers to custom landing pages & sponsored advertorials to sponsored videos & newsletters, we will make your brand top of mind within our community and create the highest ROI for you, our partners.

To purchase display ads immediately, click here.

The media kit above can be “played” by clicking the right arrow for each new page, or you can click anywhere on the presentation, or you can click “More” to get both full screen and auto-play options (our recommendation). The music is embedded and isn’t yet available to be shut off, so you have to rely on your computer speakers for now! ;) Enjoy.

No matter your budget, contact us at info@hypervocal.com to learn more, or to purchase display ads immediately, click here. We look forward to working with you.