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HyperVocal, launched in October 2010, is a next-generation media company. On HyperVocal.com, we offer our readers a comprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle — we are purveyors of the vital and the viral, online hunters and gatherers of what’s out there you need to see and read. We’re post-partisan Internet Sherpas, groundskeepers of rationality, arbiters of reality and pseudo-nonsense.

HyperVocal produces/hosts SiriusXM’s weekday “Politics Powered By Twitter” show on the main politics channel, POTUS (Channel 124). Additionally, HyperVocal is co-owner of the ongoing event series, StartUp RockOn.

We’re also members of our community who strive to be a force for social good. We donate a portion of our profits to education and literacy programs to help empower a hyper-literate and informed generation to follow. Every click really does help educate a child.


Lee Brenner is co-founder, publisher, and White House reporter of HyperVocal. He reports regularly from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and is also host of SiriusXM’s “Politics Powered By Twitter” show. He previously co-founded FastFWD Group, a strategic communications firm dedicated to promoting online web 2.0 social media strategies and marketing to often hard-to-reach demographics. During the ’08 election cycle, Lee was the Political Director & Executive Producer of Political, Non-Profit & News Programming at MySpace. As such, he executive-produced presidential town-hall meetings, built partnerships with legacy news organizations, interfaced with the Obama & McCain campaigns on their social media strategies, and brought the official Presidential Debates into the 21st Century. Prior to this, he was a Senior Producer at CNN. He founded l.j.bamboo company prior to his time at CNN. He graduated from Tufts University and holds a Masters in International Affairs from the University of Hong Kong, where he was a Rotary International Scholar.

Email: lee@hypervocal.com

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