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HyperVocal, originally launched in October 2010, is a next-generation media company. On HyperVocal.com, we offer our readers a comprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle. Our homepage feeds & customizable e-newsletter is powered by HypeScore, our proprietary news curation algorithm measuring social virality of top headlines amongst categorical influencers. For example, if you want to know what the top political influencers are reading and sharing, from across the web, in real-time, our Politics Influencer Feed showcases those headlines and who is influencing that news.

Through our HyperVocal Originals, we are purveyors of the vital and the viral, online hunters and gatherers of what’s out there you need to see and read, all in our unique voice. We’re post-partisan Internet Sherpas, groundskeepers of rationality, arbiters of reality and pseudo-nonsense.

HyperVocal is co-owner of the ongoing event series, StartUp RockOn. Additionally, from 2012-2014, HyperVocal produced and hosted SiriusXM’s weekday “Politics Powered By Twitter,” (aka @PoliticsRadio) which aired on the main politics channel, POTUS (Channel 124).

We’re also members of our community who strive to be a force for social good. We donate a portion of our profits to education and literacy programs to help empower a hyper-literate and informed generation to follow. Every click really does help educate a child.


Lee Brenner is a co-founder of HyperVocal. He was also co-host of SiriusXM’s “Politics Powered By Twitter” show from 2012-2014. He previously co-founded FastFWD Group, a strategic communications firm dedicated to promoting online web 2.0 social media strategies and marketing to often hard-to-reach demographics. During the ’08 election cycle, Lee was the Political Director & Executive Producer of Political, Non-Profit & News Programming at MySpace. As such, he executive-produced presidential town-hall meetings, built partnerships with legacy news organizations, interfaced with the Obama & McCain campaigns on their social media strategies, and brought the official Presidential Debates into the 21st Century. Prior to this, he was a Senior Producer at CNN. He founded l.j.bamboo company prior to his time at CNN. He graduated from Tufts University and holds a Masters in International Affairs from the University of Hong Kong, where he was a Rotary International Scholar.

Email: info@hypervocal.com

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